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Referazon For Agencies BETA

Make Finding Amazon Influencers, Managing Campaigns and Relationships For Your Brands Easy

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What You Get

Save Immeasurable Time Driving Sales For Multiple Brands With Amazon Influencers

Get All The Features You Know & Love About Referazon PLUS:

  • Multiple Brand Management
  • Multi-User Accounts
  • Brand Reporting

What You Get - Referazon for Agencies - Referazon Amazon Influencer Marketing Software
Feedback - Referazon for Agencies - Referazon Amazon Influencer Marketing Software

The Ability To Help Shape The Referazon Agency Product

We want your feedback so we can make Referazon for Agencies the best it can be.  We will be regularly gathering your feedback on what you like, love, don’t like and what’s missing.  

Referazon Amazon Influencer Marketing Is The Solution To These Common Challenges

If Any of These Problems Are Keeping You Up At Night, You’re Not Alone & It’s Not Your Fault.  You CAN Have Amazon Best Sellers With Amazon Influencers.

Finding Amazon Influencer Pages Takes Too Much Time

Scouring Google, YouTube & Social Media, building a list of Amazon Influencers & keeping track of it all is overwhelming. The Referazon Amazon Influencer Platform easily searches, tracks & manages campaigns.

You've Searched, But Couldn't Find ACTUAL Amazon Influencers

It’s devastating spending precious time searching to find out they’re NOT part of the Amazon Influencer Program and can’t promote you.  We ONLY find Amazon Influencers ALREADY partnered with Amazon.

You Don't Know If The Amazon Influencers Efforts Will Actually Drive Sales

You’ve been “mentioned” & “reviewed” on Social Media but didn’t see sales.  The Amazon Influencer content you find in Referazon is already driving sales to Amazon right now, may as well be to you.

Sales Aren't Happening & Storage Fees Are Piling Up Fast

You’ve done everything you can on your listing; great images, video, optimized keywords, great sales copy, yet products aren’t moving. Your problem isn’t ON Amazon, it’s OFF Amazon. 

You're Running Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns, But Not Getting Impressions

Bending over backward to pay Amazon to show you but they won’t? It’s because they don’t believe you’re relevant for what you’re targeting.  You can fix that right now with the ideal Amazon Influencer Marketing tool.

Your Amazon PPC Return On Ad Spend Is Too Low & ACoS Is Too High

If Amazon can’t forecast sales for your products from the buzz you’re creating OFF of Amazon, then get comfortable with paying a ton for ads!  The Referazon Amazon Influencer Search can help you with that though.

Not Showing Up Prominently In Amazon Product Search Results, If At All

Did you know Amazon keeps track of brands OFF Amazon to forecast how well they’ll sell ON Amazon?  Ask Alexa! They’ve owned it since 1999 and reward you for attracting customers.

You're Not Sure What To Ask For From Your Influencers To Get The Most Value

You’d love to get in front of more customers, but you want to make sure you’ll get sales, build awareness & bring in the most value.  Good news!  We tell you and even show you examples!

Imagine The Sales Your Brands Will Get By Being Featured By Top Amazon Influencers

Get Referrals From Popular Amazon Influencer Content With The Most Powerful Amazon Influencer Software

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YouTube Amazon Influencer - Types of Amazon Influencers - Referazon
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Amazon Storefront Influencers Example - Referazon
Example YouTube Amazon Influencer - Types of Amazon Influencers - Referazon

The Types of Amazon Influencers You’ll Find With The Referazon Amazon Influencer Marketing Platform

Find Experienced Amazon Influencers With Audiences That Are Large, Medium or Small With Content Already Referring Sales To Amazon.  Perfect For Amazon Sellers of Any Size.

Amazon Live Influencers

Imagine an Amazon Influencer with engaged followings on social media promoting your product in a live stream, just like QVC, right on Amazon where a sale is only a click away.  

Amazon Storefront Influencers

Amazon Influencers with engaged followings on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube who direct their followers to their Amazon Influencer Storefront

Nano Influencers, Micro Influencers, Macro Influencers & Mega Influencers

Find Amazon Influencers that fit your resources.  From very small but hyper engaged audiences to medium, large & massive, the Amazon Influencer search finds them instantly.

Social Media Amazon Influencers

We focus on Amazon Influencers who have large social media followings AND blogs because they have the most opportunity to SELL while also building awareness.

YouTube Amazon Influencers

Top Amazon Influencers on YouTube with passionate enthusiast audiences of every size, that are already referring sales to Amazon right now for similar and competitor products.

Blog Amazon Influencers

Top Amazon Influencers with large passionate audiences about your niche, with email lists, large social media followings & more that are already referring to Amazon.

Media Amazon Influencers

Media Outlets refer to Amazon daily and talk about small brands, medium size brands and big brands:  USA Today, Business Insider, Washintonian, Home & Garden.

Publication Amazon Influencers

Most publications that you know and love like:  Bustle, BuzzFeed, Heavy, Refinery29, Insider & more are top Amazon Influencers that refer sales to Amazon every day.

Easily Know What To Pay
 An Amazon Influencer.

Get a proven process that’s worked for over 20 years.

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