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Get Sales, Save Time, Drive Visibility in Product Searches, Reduce PPC Costs & More

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Quickly Find Amazon Influencers

Easily find Amazon influencers that ALREADY refer sales to Amazon; may as well be YOURS.

Easily Identify Their Audience Size & Effectiveness

Quickly prioritize which Amazon influencers to recruit through simple but crucial metrics.

Get Contact Info Instantly

Reaching out couldn’t be simpler.  We give you the influencers email address and links to their social media channels.

Effortlessly Track & Manage Amazon Influencers

With one click, you have everything you need to keep track of your relationship building efforts and manage your Amazon influencers.

Proven Affiliate Recruitment Methods

We make it simple to GET Amazon influencers through proven templates, frameworks & more for EVERY step of the communication process.

FULLY Functioning Free Trial

Try Referazon full throttle, find Amazon influencers & drive sales.  No compromises, no worries, no brainer.



What Customers Are Saying About The Only Amazon Influencer Marketing Software For Amazon Sellers

  • "No Brainer"

    "No Brainer"

    “Selling on Amazon nowadays is tough without having a way of sending customers from off Amazon onto Amazon to buy your products. First, finding Amazon Influencers who already know how to drive sales to Amazon is like spending days looking for a needle in a hay stack. Then, you have to keep track of them all in spreadsheets. Referazon finds them instantly, manages them and even tells you how to reach out and what to ask for from your Amazon influencer. It really is a no brainer.”

    Christian Nelson
  • "Immeasurable Value"

    "Immeasurable Value"

    “There’s only so much a brand can do ON Amazon, you really need to get customers from OFF Amazon onto Amazon to get ahead. We spent countless hours trying to find influencers that were a good fit for our brand and also already experienced in referring sales to Amazon specifically. It was painstaking. We also spent a lot of time identifying what we needed from the influencer to bring in the most sales. Referazon makes finding Amazon Influencers, managing them and knowing what you need from them instantaneous. Immeasurable value.”

    Jared Ebrahimoff
    Lavari Jewelers
  • "Saves Countless Hours"

    "Saves Countless Hours"

    “As a marketing agency, finding the right influencer for our clients who: is experienced and effective at referring sales to Amazon takes countless hours of research before you even get to reach out. Referazon finds Amazon influencers immediately who already refer sales to Amazon. The time savings alone is immeasurable. Plus, Referazon provides templates, tracking and even recommends what you should search for and ask for from your Amazon influencer. Highly recommend!”

    Gustavo Cardoso

How Referazon Works To Save You Immeasurable Time

The Top Amazon Influencers, in ANY Niche, At Your Fingertips, Instantly

If you’ve ever looked for influencer partners you know how hard it is to find them, let alone ones that specialize in Amazon.  Hours of searching, making spreadsheets, finding contact information, only to learn they’re not an Amazon affiliate. We put the top Amazon influencers right in front of you.

Find Top Affiliates Referazon
Easily Find Keywords Referazon

Get Keyword Suggestions To Find MORE Amazon Influencers

Searching & brainstorming your own ideas to find the right Amazon influencers is extremely valuable.  What’s even more valuable than that?  Time savings on finding EVEN MORE influencers.  

Quickly Get Your Amazon Influencers’ Contact Information,  Social Media & More

One of the most time-consuming and downright agonizing aspects of finding the right Amazon influencer is finding their contact information and figuring out their social media influence.  Not anymore, we make it as simple as a click of a button.  

Get Contact Info Referazon
Track Affiliates Referazon

Relationship Building Has Never Been Easier To Keep Track Of

We make it effortless to keep track of who you need to reach out to, who needs follow up and more.  It’s simple to keep track of what step you are on in the relationship building cycle.  

Quickly & Easily Know The Value Your Amazon Influencers Are Bringing To Your Brand

We make it simple to keep track of what your Amazon influencer partner is doing to promote you.  With one click, it’s simple to note if they are doing a review, giveaway, article inclusion, YouTube video, discount code & more.  

Track Affiliates Referazon 1

How Referazon Creates Amazon Best Sellers

<b>The Worlds Largest Affiliate Program & Growing Daily</b>

The Worlds Largest Affiliate Program & Growing Daily

Over 37% of Amazons’ traffic comes from the Amazon’s Associates Program; the worlds largest Affiliate Network. Bloggers, YouTubers, Social Media Influencers & more refer every minute.

<b>They're Already Referring Sales, May As Well Be Yours</b>

They're Already Referring Sales, May As Well Be Yours

Not only does referral traffic to your products skyrocket your sales directly but ALSO it helps you appear on the first page of Amazon product searches driving long term, sustainable sales.

<b>Commissions Come Out Of AMAZONS POCKET, Not Yours</b>

Commissions Come Out Of AMAZONS POCKET, Not Yours

Best of all?  Unlike other affiliate programs where you pay the affiliates commission every month, AMAZON PAYS THEM and it doesn’t come out of your bottom line. Incredible.

<b>No Extra Work For You, They're Already Signed Up</b>

No Extra Work For You, They're Already Signed Up

Your Amazon influencer is ALREADY signed up for Amazons’ affiliate program.  There are no extra steps to get them set up, no need to explain anything & you don’t have anything to sign up for.  Just build the relationship & get sales.

<b>You're ALSO Getting Access To Their Social Media, Email Lists & More</b>

You're ALSO Getting Access To Their Social Media, Email Lists & More

Your Amazon Influencers have MASSIVE audiences of your target customers across many platforms.  Their intention is to drive as many sales as possible and they are happy to promote you across all of their channels.  

<b>Improves Visibility On Amazon AND On Google</b>

Improves Visibility On Amazon AND On Google

Not only are you significantly increasing your sales & presence ON Amazon, but by being mentioned on top websites by Influencers, you’re improving your Google search visibility.  This drives brand visibility & brand credibility online.

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Influencer Management
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