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The Amazon Influencer Marketing Search & CRM Platform For Amazon Brands & Agencies

Referazon is a Software Tool To Find, Build & Manage Relationships With Amazon Influencers as well as an Amazon Influencer Marketing Agency 

The Referazon Story

At a time when driving external traffic to Amazon was essential there had to be a better way for Amazon Sellers without large email lists, huge social followings, or massive PR to succeed. Enter, Amazon Influencers. Yet, even though Amazon Influencers have been around since 1996, they’ve been like finding a needle in a haystack, making Influencer Marketing widely inaccessible to Amazon Sellers, until now. Referazon was founded after a decade of recommending Amazon Influencers at our eCommerce consultancy but not having a simple tool to find, evaluate, and manage relationships. So we made one. 

Find Amazon Influencers - Referazon Express - How It Works
Build Relationships - Referazon Express - How It Works

The Referazon Mission

To make Amazon Influencer Marketing simple, accessible and affordable for brands selling on Amazon.

We Do This Ourselves So We Know Your Pains, Problems & Desires

At Referazon EXPRESS, our Amazon Influencer Marketing Agency, we use Referazon to find and build relationships with Amazon Influencers for our clients, so we know how important quality of life improvements are.

Dedicated Expert - Referazon Express - How It Works

Why Use Referazon?

Referazon is the ONLY Amazon Influencer Marketing Search & CRM.
Referazon is a fraction of the cost of other Influencer Marketing Platforms.
Referazon is the ONLY platform allowing you to target influencers by actual Amazon product categories.
Amazon Influencer Marketing boosts sales & SEO.
The Referazon database of Amazon Influencers grows daily.

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